Our mentors are veterans of the creative process and have come from many different industries.  We’re so proud to have the opportunity to share their experiences with you.

Wayne Haag
Colour and Light

Senior Concept Artist

Wayne Haag started out in the industry in 1996 as a matte painter on The Fifth Element.  Since that flying start he has had further successes bringing dozens of cultural landmarks to life. 

Wayne has worked on titles such as The Lord of the Rings, Farscape, The Wolverine, and many more.  In his spare (haha) time, Wayne is a passionate teacher and photographer and is actively developing his creative body of work, Ankaris.

Tony Lovett
Drawing Fundamentals

Storyboard Artist

Tony has racked up more than 20 years experience as Storyboard artist and designer for the animation industry.  He cut his teeth at on 2d animated films at Disney Australia where he worked on shot composition and staging (Layout Artist and Workbook Artist). He has since spent many years as a freelance artist storyboarding and set designing numerous animated TV shows.

Ev Shipard
Creative Development

Creative Lead

A classically trained fine artist Evan’s background includes two decades in the film and entertainment industries. Passionate about Australian Impressionism, cinematography and history, he recently painted a historically accurate recreation of Watson’s Pier- Anzac Cove for Australian Geographic.

With a focus on drama and mood and a dedication to draftsmanship he develops his work at his studio Cartel Artists in Sydney.

Each of our artists has a different story and goal, but we’re all working towards reaching those together!

Marcel Gemperle
Optimist Prime


Marcel founded Studio404 because he saw the passion and dedication of his peers and wanted to be there to help them chase their dreams as he wished others had done for him.

Maz IImmell

Executive Producer

Maz is the beating heart of Studio404.  Nothing happens without her say so.  She is usually the first and last point of contact, and can be found on the front lines of the Con Floor as well as deep in the social media trenches.

Will Wong

Lead Designer

Will is the official style of Studio404.  He’s the giver of feedback and overall professional guru.  His day job is a high flying graphic design freelance, but at night he’s an anime huffing gremlin like the rest of us.

Leah Addison

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Alex Chase

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John watts

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Siobhan De Swardt

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We are so proud of our power couple graduates, who took to the con lifestyle like a duck to… whatever it is ducks like.  Please check out their webstore!  They’re doing the con/retail scene full time and have built an amazing brand and business.


Henry Feng

Henry is our most recent graduate, but he still stops by every now and again to do the laundry and have dinner.  He has TWO businesses that he runs on his own.  Like a CRAZY PERSON.